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  • Idea for musician: A guitar USB interface can be suitable for most computers with a USB port, providing an easy way to connect a guitar directly to a computer for recording purposes. The built-in high-quality 16BIT / 44.1KHZ digital-analog converter can ensure a clear and accurate audio signal transmission, resulting in high-quality recordings.
  • Low Noise High Fidelity: A USB 1/4 cable made of oxygen-free copper can provide stable transmission and high-purity audio signals, which can result in high-quality audio recordings and performances. The copper braided spiral-wound shield can lower electrical resistance and minimize noise rejection, helping to ensure that the audio signal remains clean and clear.
  • Strong and Beautiful: Precision machining and careful manual assembly of the cable can help to ensure that the cable is of high quality and reliable. Additionally, strict plug-and-pull tests of the cable connector can help to ensure that the cable has a longer working life than a general cable, making it more durable and reliable over time.
  • Plug and Play: One of the advantages of a USB guitar cable is that it allows for a simple USB connection without requiring additional drivers or software. This means that you can easily connect your guitar directly into the computer via USB and transfer the sound signal into the computer for recording, making the process of recording guitar parts much simpler and more streamlined.
  • Warranty - A free lifetime replacement or money-back guarantee is a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and indicates that the seller or manufacturer is confident in the quality of their product. If there are any issues with the quality of the product, customers can contact the seller or manufacturer through Amazon to request a replacement or refund.

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