Superior Sound Performance:

22AWG oxygen-free copper (OFC) center conductors in your electric guitar cable is a great feature that can provide enhanced signal transfer. OFC is known for its high conductivity and low signal loss, which can help improve the overall sound quality of your guitar.

Stable Signal Transmission:

The use of premium copper-plated silver core wire and 24K gold-plated plug in the 6.35mm guitar cable is an excellent feature that can provide a secure and stable connection between your instrument and amplifier or recording device.

Durable Jacket Design:

polished brass plating housing and double layer nylon braid material in the 1/4 mono cable is a great feature that can provide enhanced durability and protection for the cable.

Universal Compatibility:

The instrument cable is a versatile cable that is commonly used in a wide range of audio devices with the standard 6.35mm interface. Some of the common devices that can be connected using this cable include mixers, power amplifiers, microphones, effects pedals, electronic organs, electric guitars, basses, keyboards, electronic drums, speakers, and more.

Intimate Service:

EBXYA professional guitar cable undergoes strict quality assurance inspection before leaving the factory to ensure its excellent quality and workmanship. This is an important feature for ensuring that the cable meets the high standards required by professional musicians.


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