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  • The XLR input on the converter is designed to receive a balanced audio signal, which has three conductors: a positive, negative, and ground. The converter then converts this balanced signal into two unbalanced RCA signals, which have two conductors: a center pin and an outer ring.
  • The use of 4N oxygen-free copper conductor for the inner core of your audio cable is a good choice, as it helps to ensure high conductivity and low resistance, which can result in a cleaner, more transparent audio signal. This type of copper is also relatively free from impurities, which can help to prevent distortion and interference in the audio signal.

  • Humanized design, one-piece molding, never loose without any connection problem.
  • Application: Connecting DJ Controllers to Amplifiers, Professional and Home Audio Equipment.
  • Risk Free Purchase - The promise to offer a solution within 12 hours indicates that you prioritize timely and efficient customer service, which can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. This can be especially important for customers who may have questions or issues with your product, as they will feel more confident and supported knowing that they can receive a quick and helpful response.

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