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Professional XLR Cable:EBXYA XLR 3 pin male to female cable has several professional audio transmission features. The use of internal oxygen-free copper core wire and a balanced transmission mode, along with cotton yarn and multiple shielding layers, provides the cable with stronger anti-interference ability, making it suitable for long distance transmission and delivering high-fidelity sound and perfect signal. The cable is 22AWG and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it an ideal choice for various audio applications.

Professional XLR Cable: EBXYA XLR 3 pin male to female cable is designed to provide high-quality audio transmission with professional-level characteristics. The use of oxygen-free copper core wire, balanced transmission mode, cotton yarn, and multi-shielding layers all contribute to a cable that can resist interference, transmit high-fidelity sound, and deliver a strong signal even over long distances. The cable's specification of 22AWG indicates that it has a relatively thick wire gauge, which can help to minimize signal loss and ensure a strong, clear signal. Whether you are using this cable indoors or outdoors, it seems like it could be a good choice for those seeking a high-quality XLR cable.

Portable Connection: XLR microphone cable you are referring to has a spring locking device that helps to ensure a reliable connection that won't easily come loose. The XLR connectors on the cable also specify the signal flow direction, which can help prevent connection errors. Additionally, the cable is designed to be flexible and durable, with a button on the connector that allows for easy unplugging when needed. According to your description, the cable can withstand frequent plugging and unplugging, with a lifespan of around 1000 times while still maintaining a tight and reliable connection. This makes it a convenient and reliable choice for those who need to frequently connect and disconnect their audio equipment.

Support Multiple Devices:XLR full balanced audio cable male to female you are referring to has a number of useful features. The gold plating on the 3-pin interface helps to prevent corrosion and oxidation, ensuring that the cable remains reliable over time. Additionally, the cable is versatile, able to support a wide range of audio devices, including microphones, mixers, DMX stage lights, power amplifiers, cameras, speakers, recorders, equalizers, and more. The use of a dark green wire can also make it easier to identify the cable among a tangle of other cables, which can be helpful in busy production environments. Overall, it sounds like a useful and flexible cable for a variety of audio applications.

Intimate Service: the information about your product and the offer for assistance in case of any issues. Can you please provide me with more details about the type of cable you are referring to, such as its intended use and specifications? This information will help me provide you with a more informed response.

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