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48V Power Supply & Signal Transmission  With 48V of power and advanced shielding technology, this Phantom power supply ensures that your microphone's sound signal is transferred to your sound card without any interference. Say goodbye to frustrating audio issues and hello to crisp, clear sound quality with the help of this top-of-the-line Phantom power supply.

Dual XLR Inputs and Outputs  The EBXYA 2-Channel Phantom Power is a versatile and reliable option for anyone looking to improve their microphone recording setup. This device is compatible with all kinds of microphone music recording equipment, making it a great option for both beginners and experienced audio professionals.One of the standout features of this Phantom power supply is its 6.5ft XLR to 3.5mm audio cable. This cable comes with high-quality XLR male and female connectors, allowing you to easily connect your microphone to a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, computers, and other recording equipment. This makes it a great option for podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, and anyone else who needs a flexible and portable recording setup.

Dual Charger Port  The Phantom power supply in question is designed with convenience in mind, featuring both DC5V and Type-C charging ports. With these options, you can connect the power supply to a wide range of devices, including mobile power banks, mobile phones, computers, and more. Using a Type-C data cable, you can easily supply power to your microphone from anywhere, at any time.

Easy to Operate & Plug and Play  Introducing the ultimate audio companion for all your professional needs - our portable audio mixer! With a power switch and LED indicator, you can easily operate this mixer without any hassle. Take it with you to different scenes, whether it's a professional recording studio, a live performance, a school, a public speech, a church, or a party. This mixer is your go-to solution for all your audio needs. 

Wide Compatibility The portable audio mixer we mentioned earlier is also fully compatible with a wide range of condenser microphone music recording devices. It's a single channel unit that boasts a balanced microphone input and output, making it perfect for series connection with condenser microphones and mixers.

Phantom Power Note Phantom power is simply a way to provide power to a condenser microphone. It's a DC voltage that is typically 48V, and it's used to power the electronics that are inside the microphone.

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