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Superior Quality Guitar Wall Mount This natural wooden guitar wall hanger has a smooth, painted exterior that is free of burrs and blemishes. The exterior of guitar hooks is composed of soft, thick silicone, and the interior is constructed of strong iron, so they won't melt or harm the neck for a very long time. The wall-mounted guitar holder is extremely durable thanks to the anchors and screws that come with it.

Featured Design - 1. U shape guitar hook With its deep U-shaped groove design, this guitar wall hanger will hold your instrument more securely than a flat guitar hook and prevent it from slipping.

Guitar Stand Wall Mount Improvement Instructions You can hang it with confidence since the U-shaped hanger of the guitar hook has a bearing capability of roughly 20 pounds (9 kg), even though some products weigh just 15 pounds. Even an acoustic guitar may be hung without having to rest the body of the instrument against the wall since our 4'' extension from the wall to the stand is more practical than the 2'' on the market. totally unsupported by the headstock.

Easy to Install Guitar Holder Wall Mount Two sturdy screws and two anchors, which are difficult to break and blast and won't damage your wall, are included with each guitar stand wall mount. How is it installed? 1. Drill around 1/4"-sized pilot holes in the wall. 2. fasten the anchors with nails to the wall 3. Tighten the nails when the guitar wall hanger is lined up with the pilot holes. 4. Turn the hooks into the mount for the guitar.

Applicable to Multiple Scenes A music studio, living room, bedroom, bar, restaurant, etc. can all have a guitar hanger installed thanks to its straightforward yet durable design. Five different musical instruments can be securely hung from a guitar hook, and numerous decorations can also be hung from it. When the guitar is stored, it also transforms into wall art and keeps pets from running into it. In addition, this guitar wall mount is a great choice for a guitar enthusiast's birthday or holiday present.

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