Which one should I use, the straight end or the curved end of the guitar cable?

Which one should I use, the straight end or the curved end of the guitar cable?

Do you often have this question when you are starting out? Should I use a straight or an elbow guitar cable? Is a straight or an elbow the right cable for my guitar? Why? Which is easier to use, straight or curved? Which one is more durable? Isn't it a tangle?

The location of the guitar socket generally determines which plug you should use.

If it is a classic slant plug design, all with a straight head will fit better because it is in the direction of the socket opening.Of course, you can also use the elbow, it's not that it can't be inserted, and there is no major problem, just slightly protruding a few. Obsessive-compulsive disorder will look heavily uncomfortable

But if the socket of your guitar is another opening direction, that is, the side opening, or the tail peg area opening. Then I strongly recommend you use the elbow.

So, the beginning of the socket location, and generally feel the choice of your plug.

Straight and elbow, there is a difference in signal transmission?

This is not really, or so small that you do not notice.

First, the structure of the straight and elbow, in addition to the use of materials other than not much difference, because always inserted into the guitar socket inside, are the kind of 6.35 coaxial structure.

Second, the straight elbow structure, basically ensure that the guitar line is parallel to the internal and external two conductors, the capacitance of the impact is very small. Therefore, the difference in signal transmission is basically not.

Straight and elbow, there is a difference in the use of the advantages?

Do not say, there really is, first of all, the conclusion: the elbow will generally be more durable than the straight head.
The reasons are as follows.
1. usually, the elbow will be more than straight to protect your guitar socket from more than necessary stress damage.

Guitar cables usually receive a pulling force in the direction of the cable, in this case, the straight head of your guitar is like a lever, or a crowbar. Guitar socket received the force is exponentially increased, according to the principle of leverage over the years, the internal structure of the guitar, or more directly, the guitar socket will be damaged, deformed, loose, and finally is replaced. Similarly, the 6.35 round tube part of the plug will be subjected to the same force, the principle of this action and reaction force

Over time, the 6.35 round tube part of the plug will be subject to strong pressure, and was flattened, and then lead to damage to the structure of the plug, and then the accompanying loosening, falling head, etc. plug will need to be replaced. In the same case, the elbow will not exist in this case, because the plug and the guitar fits very well, that is, the leverage principle formula inside the L is very short.

2. There is another reason why the elbow is more durable than the straight head: the straight head is particularly easy to be pulled out

Imagine a situation like the picture, if a band member accidentally steps on your cable, the straight plug is not easy to be pulled out? Have encountered too many such situations, resulting in a sudden lack of sound, that awkward scene so many guitarists will wind their lines on the back strap, right? In this case, is it actually an abstract elbow connection?

Of course this is a good way to protect the plug, I recommend that regardless of straight head elbow, we all so around, and then even if it is pulled, the strap can also help the plug, a large part of the burden. Relatively, the elbow will not have this situation, rarely encountered because of stepping on the line and pulling an elbow out of the guitar inside the case, basically no. Because you need to grab the entire elbow in order to pull it out, and different from the straight head, pulling, the force will not follow the direction of the line, directly to the guitar socket, so it will be even less likely to be pulled out.

3. From the experience of repairing guitar cables, the elbow is much more durable than the straight end.

After so many years of repairing guitar cables, I have really rarely encountered a pregnant elbow, except, of course, for the very poor quality. Most cases are straight head pregnant, based on the reasons analyzed above, the straight head than the curved head bad chances are much higher. This is not because the straight head with the elbow material or workmanship issues decided. The structure determines the elbow than the straight head and use.


In summary, you can use the elbow do not use the straight head, but you may also ask, insert the speaker with an elbow a little in the way of place, it is not very convenient. But you think about it, your elbow is not through the speaker handle, or under the box head through and then plugged in? This is not to avoid a lot of times stepped on the guitar line by mistake, and the resulting pull out or various damage? Of course, this is just my personal advice, based entirely on my personal experience to discuss with you. Or everyone has a different way of using it, or you have a better way of using it, as long as it's reasonable for you, isn't it, ha.

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