Popular knowledge of guitar cables to amp(Next)

Popular knowledge of guitar cables to amp(Next)

TRS and TS difference in whether there is a ring, a ring is no mono, a ring is a dual channel

The typical cable for guitars is the TS port, however since so many musicians now opt to add a variety of pickups, a mono connection like the TS that can only convey one signal is no longer adequate to suit their needs.

XLR——We like to call it Canon, is a typical balanced wire, and a variety of interfaces can be connected together, many people's DI output interface is used this, it can be transmitted over long distances without any signal loss, if the mixer and you play guitar place resting on a mountain, believe me, installed a DI box at the stage end, the unbalanced signal into a balanced signal and then pass over will be better

The MIDI cable that guitarists come into contact with is basically the pedal controller. This interface is a digital interface for musical instruments that looks like a miniature version of the XLR, but in fact it has five pins inside.

ADAT——When a guitarist has access to ADAT, it means that he has a lot of equipment, imagine that you have an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, a dynamic microphone, condenser microphone, bass, but only a 2-input channel sound card, at this time you will find that the audio interface is completely inadequate, then you need to rely on the ADAT interface, you will then buy a sound card will see similar text: 18 in 22 out. Description of the sound card has 18 output channels, but when you buy home you find only 8 preamplified input, simply can not find other input channels, in fact, 8 of these inputs are on the ADAT, an ADAT jack provides 8 channels, and S/PDIF will also provide two channels, adding up to 18 channels, but please note that ADAT is the input one-way transmission.

For beginners, these are some of the knowledge you need to master, and hopefully they will help you better understand the instrument in your hands.

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