Electric Guitar Wires - Double Braided Wires

Electric Guitar Wires - Double Braided Wires

What do you think of when we mention electric guitar wire, noise reduction wire, solderless wire? And today we are not talking about the electric guitar cable to amp, let's focus on the electric guitar circuit cabin, the circuit system of the speaker in the wire.

At this point you may ask, this circuit pod in the wire is not conductive on it, what is the difference between different wires? In fact, otherwise, the good or bad of the wires in the circuit cabin also greatly determines whether the electric guitar tone can be fully reflected.

Before there is a test instrument, just got back did not play a long time immediately replaced the op pickups to replace, after I installed to hear the comparison audition, I found that the instrument through the replacement of the pickups did get a certain change in tone, but this change is not very obvious, after I re-open the circuit cabin found that all the wires inside is the kind of PVC wire that can be seen everywhere, so I will be the circuit of the instrument After I completely replaced the wires, even the sound was much louder, and the pickups' characteristics were very obvious, so the importance of the wires was evident.

So when you buy an electric guitar cable, please make sure to pay attention to its wire.

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