Buy an excellent mixer but can not get the excellent sound, why

Buy an excellent mixer but can not get the excellent sound, why

  Generally people think that buy a good mixer will be able to get a good sound quality effect, but I do not know that these operations make the mixer sound quality greatly discounted.

  First:The choice of more common wire as the audio input and output wire, poor wire so that the audio signal in the transmission caused by loss, some wire directly change the high and low frequency through rate, which makes the original audio signal can not get 100% restoration, followed by Is the poor wire will affect the tone and clarity, making the mixer out of the sound greatly reduced. This situation is very common, especially in live and instrument playing and singing class teaching, and even some stage performance workers are very often the case!

  Second:No good sound source, the general sound source from microphones, CD players, computers, cell phones and musical instruments, etc., no good sound source, and then the bull tuner can not salvage, let alone ordinary people. It is generally recommended to replace the better equipment, or replace the sound source (cell phones and computer audio source can choose to buy music software VIP membership, now many music software lossless music are doing very well)

  Third:Improper operation of the mixer caused by the sound quality effect is too poor, there are also many kinds of situations, each requiring specific analysis, such as microphone interface messy open 48V phantom power, gain knob is too large or too small (too large to cause distortion, too small is the loss of detail how to gain to the best state, this time you can ask the owner), the accompaniment music also open reverb and other situations.

  Fourth:The system as a whole with unbalanced, many partners think that as long as a thing upgraded, the effect of audio equipment out will get a qualitative leap, in fact, the effect of upgrading is there, but will not let you feel very stunning, tiger head and snake tail or ultimately not to create the most satisfactory effect, a long time to listen to bad music will also be easy to develop bad listening habits, slowly forget the most realistic sound in music.

  A good mixer needs to be paired with good audio processing equipment, good power amplifiers, good audio, good wire to play the ultimate strength. So that the system to balance, just bragging about how top a device is useless, the system is built well, a few thousand dollars are likely to do over tens of thousands of dollars!

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